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hello, hellooo!

by - March 07, 2018

For the past six hours, I've been binge watching This is Us and if you haven't met the Pearson's yet, please stop wasting your time reading my blog and go watch! Out of the six hours I was watching, I was crying for three of those hours and had to pause several times because I couldn't even see the screen through my waterworks. Convinced yet? Would you believe me if I told you I wasn't a 'crier' until this show...? Convinced now???? Okay -- how about if I told you Milo Ventimiglia is one of the leading roles? Yep, knew I'd get you with that one ;)

Anyway, I wanted to give a little intro to my meager blog. First off, hello and welcome! Starting out quite sparse, as you can see, but I want my you, my readers, to tell me what to write about! (I know, talk about me and my ultimate lazy brain!) But really, if there's something you would like to know about me or Kiba, post a comment and I'll make make it happen, just like that! If you want to hear about the time I was lost in Hong Kong, I'll write about it! Or maybe you want to know how I broke my elbow for the first time. Or the second time, even! Then there's that time my house was on fire, oofda... If you'd like to know my secret lasagna recipe or my Great Grandma Tootie's rice pudding recipe that's been passed down for generations, I'll even talk about that! (although don't expect all of the secret ingredients, I mean come on...) Or we can get a little deeper and if you'd like to know about the deaths, the people I've lost and the trials in my life -- I'll talk about those too. I can tell you about each time my heart's been broken, but also each time it's felt so full I thought it might burst into a thousand blissful pieces. If you want to get little more simple, you can ask about all the random jobs that have filled my life, like working as a bridal consultant, a waitress, or a high school English teacher. If you want to hear more exciting things, ask about my life in Kupang or my cross-country road trips with Kiba! As of this year, we've officially driven to both coasts and explored lots of places in between! 

To be honest, most of my posts will likely revolve around my one true love, Kiba. So if you like to read about cute huskies, you're in the right place! I'm also lacking in the memory department, so I'm hoping this will be something I can look back on when my memory starts to fade...probably in a few years time. Anywho, welcome and enjoy!

Sunrise | Borobudur, ID

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  1. hey! big fan of the blog! i would like to know about the time you were lost in Hong Kong. also, are there cute boys in medical school? asking for a friend

    1. Oh gosh, thanks so much mystery commentator! To answer your first question, I'll dedicate a post to HK and for your second question, too many dreamboats to count!