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About Christal

I've only been here for a young 26 years, but I've seen and experienced a lot of beauty the world has to offer -- whether diving in the dreamy blue waters of Labuan Bajo, dropping my jaw at Hong Kong's skyline, eating my heart out at the world's best ramen joint in Tokyo, drooling at the charm of small town Shropshire or buying rp100,000 worth of pisang molen from my favorite guys in Kupa town... Here's to sharing my experiences in cyberspace in hopes of encouraging others to go out and see the world -- and to always follow your heart in doing what you want, no matter how many lemons life throws at you. Currently I'm in med school for the next few years, but my life is full of other inspirations and aspirations including music, travel, fun-tech gadgets, food (eating/cooking/anything/everything), photography, crafty beer, camping and most importantly my pup, Kiba. So this blog's dedicated to everything that keeps me going. Over the next few years of school, I'll hopefully  be able to sneak my nose outta the books long enough to see and meet some new places and people along the way :) 

muse: n; 1.(in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences; 
2.source of inspiration

medicine: n; 1. the art of healing

Keebs and I at the highest point in Michigan | Mount Arvon

"Take the sourest lemons life has to offer... and make something resembling lemonade"