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(Coming soon to a Thursday nearest you)

Music I love 

In high school, my friends and I used to have this thing called "artist of the week," where we each claimed a day to post/share a  music video of a song/artist we adored, whether new or old. My day was Thursday (ok, if you know me, then you and I both know that I can't remember what time I woke up yesterday morning, much less which day I posted music videos to my friends some 9 years ago, but I'm claiming Thursday cause it's my favorite day and I hope that's okay with you). Anywho, I'm bringin' it back so I hope you enjoy some of the artists that make my world go 'round.


Just addictive 

10 May 18

Just makes you wanna get up and d a n c e ♡

29 March 18

He could sing the dictionary and I'd still listen to every word. Another great thing to come outta Austin, TX. 

 22 March 18

Great song, great video.
15 March 18

Some songs are too relatable.

8 March 18


1 March 18